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I believe in miracles, and I’ll tell you why. Throughout most of my life, I had severe allergic reactions to peanuts and seafood. I have a vague memory about the day I ate at a seafood restaurant with my grandfather. It was an utter disaster. I was given a piece of shrimp and swallowed it with not much thought, and for a few hours I was fine, until my throat was filled with discomfort as if somebody was choking me with a string. By the time I got home, I was in anaphylactic shock. I do not remember anything beyond the attack, not even the about 5 ½ inches needle stabbed into my leg to revive me. The fear hit me so strongly; I was knocked out and saw nothing but darkness. I was always in and out of the hospital due to frequent allergic reactions. After many visits to the hospital, my mother had enough of spending money on things that didn’t cure me and doctors couldn’t do anything for me. Instead she decided to find an alternative solution to my problem.

She brought me to many traditional Chinese doctors, traditional medicine enthusiasts, fortune tellers, and acupuncture clinics, but none of them worked. One day, she was introduced to a buddhist head monk, and she decided to attend one of his classes. At the end of the class, my mother asked the monk if there was a way to save me. The master told me to meditate. Against all odds, listening to the temple master’s advice worked. I was relieved of my peanut allergies and seafood allergies. It was a miracle that no one could believe. Now, I am able to eat as many peanuts and seafood without any reactions. I do my best to meditate every day just to make sure that the allergies will never surface again.

Ever since that day, my family and I have decided to follow the master’s practices. My mom decided to become a Buddhist nun under the guidance of the master. We have practiced with the master for about twelve years now. When I get sick, I meditate and recite mantras to relieve myself of sickness. After many years with the master, I have seen new things and learned more than I could remember. I also met new people and made new friends throughout my time with him. I am grateful that I am able to eat a larger variety of food and have a solution to any problems that may occur. 

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