PHOTO COURTESY OF CREATIVE COMMONS People are protesting in Times Square for the Russia-Ukraine conflict to cease. Following the news of the Russian-Ukraine war, people stand together on Feb. 26.

How to assist Ukraine

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Since Feb. 24, Russia has sent its military to Ukraine as they attempt to claim it through bombings, missile strikes, and ground troop advancements. Reports show explosions in cities like Kharkiv located in eastern Ukraine and the country’s capital Kyiv.

Due to the war, many civilians and soldiers have died. As of Feb. 24, around 2,000 to 4,000 Ukrainian soldiers and over 12,000 Russian troops died. Additionally, up to 7.5 million Ukrainian children are at risk of injury or death, being separated from their families, and suffering war trauma. 

Moreover, there are different ways to aid through tangible or intangible actions.

Donation Sites:

  1. CARE:  A humanitarian group that is supplying Ukrainian families with water, food, and other supplies. 
  2. UNICEF: An organization that is repairing bombarded schools and concentrating on helping Ukrainian children with their health, safety, education, and psychosocial needs.
  3. Nova Ukraine: A non-profit organization that aims to mail packages that range from baby meals to hygiene products. 


  1. Get informed: A way to aid Ukraine is by staying in the loop on how Ukraine is being affected by the invasion, the consequences, and why it is happening. The best way is to read “center-sided” articles, podcasts, or newspapers about the situation. A few outlets are the Kyiv Post, New York Times, and NPR Radio. 
  2. Join peaceful protests: 
  1. Through Global Citizen, one can tweet at Putin telling him that the war is unjust. An automated message is provided, so it could be sent with one click and your contact information. 
  2. Another Global Citizen automated tweet can be sent out condemning Russia for bombing a nuclear power plant in Ukraine called Zaporizhzhia Power Station. This is considered a war crime, as it targets civilians and the environment. The template message states that nuclear areas should be out-of-reach.
  3. Lastly, sharing these resources and websites with friends and families is another possible way to help Ukrainian civilians. 

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