English teacher Jessica Wilkerson holds her stomach, eagerly awaiting the birth of her child. “I'm most excited about the traditions we will create as a family. I always want him to know he is loved and safe with us.”

Wilkerson’s wait is over

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Wilkerson stretches her body to relieve her fatigue and stress. Suddenly, she feels a thump in her stomach. Wondering what it is, Wilkerson strokes her pregnant belly back and forth until she realizes what it just was: the baby just kicked her. Continuing on with her day, she cannot help the soft smile on her face at the thought of her baby. 

As the days go by, Wilkerson and her husband wait for November, the expected month their baby boy will come into the world. From the moment they fell in love, Wilkerson knew that she wanted to create a small family with the man she loved as she knew she and her husband had enough love to give for their own child. 

“I didn’t know I wanted to become a parent until I met my husband,” Wilkerson said. “I knew he was going to be a great father from the first date. He has a sense of responsibility and mentorship that he shows people around him.”  

After trying for four years, the couple was able to get a positive on the pregnancy test. When Wilkerson learned she was pregnant, she was filled with delight and joy. She was finally able to start the family she has always wanted.

“It’s like being so excited over something that you have waited so long for, like getting into your dream school or passing a class you worked really hard in,” she said. “You are emotional and you don’t know what is to come, but you just don’t care because everything makes sense now.” 

Despite it all, Wilkerson still worries and does her health. She afraids that her production process will be hard, causing tensions and pressures.

“I’ve been walking a lot, meditating, trying to stretch, and trying to stay positive. Making lists of things I’d like to accomplish before he’s here has helped my anxiety so much as well.” Wilkerson said.

Wilkerson hopes that they can guide and support the baby’s growth, watching him to become the person he wants to be. Creating a safe environment is one of Wilkerson’s goals as a parent, to ensure that her child grows to be confident, smart, curious, and courageous. 

“I stayed positive knowing we would be parents no matter what,” Wilkerson said. “We knew we had a lot of love to give someone else. We want to watch him grow and learn to love through showing him what love and support is.”

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