(Photo by Joseph Cho) Sophomore middle Ruby Hernandez (13) delivers a devastating spike to the opposing team Troy High school.

JV girls volleyball reflects on first tournament of year

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Competing against the top teams in the tournament, the Matadors were full of nerves and excitement. Winning one out of four games, the Matadors played against the Troy Warriors, Downey Vikings, Pioneer Titans, and California Condors in Pioneer Titans’ gym. Though they suffered two losses in the beginning, the Matadors persevered and eventually gained a win. The Matadors fought their hardest up to the last match, but in the end, the California Condors won the tournament. 

On Sept. 18, the Matadors claimed victory against Pioneer Titans in an intense, well-played match with a score of 2-1. Though the starting score was 0-1, the Matadors prevailed, tying the match in the second round. With a tied score, there was more pressure on both teams with the last round only requiring 15 points, rather than 25, to decide a winner. Starting off with a leading score, the Matadors were energetic. As the first half of the third round finished, the tension was high, and the struggle to maintain composure was hard as the players on the court and off the court were very nervous. The Matadors, after an intense match, finished the game with a win.

“The team worked hard to chase each point and supported each other every time someone had a hiccup throughout the game,” sophomore opposite Josephine Oetomo said. 

Learning from their loss, the players are training to get better.

“I think I could definitely improve on defense, communication, and my serves,” sophomore setter Cindy Phan said. “A lot of points the other team gained was from me missing a serve or not staying at my base during a rally. I also started to rush my sets when I got a pass that wasn’t ideal, which forced our hitters into a tight spot. I think with the changes and adaptations that have been made since the tournament, we’ll definitely be showing a lot of improvement in areas we weren’t as strong in.” 

Now that the tournament has ended, the team continues their journey and have more experiences to enjoy. 

“Overall our team did great and we had fun with each other,” sophomore setter Cindy Phan said. “The tourney may have not gone the way we expected, but we did it together and it was a great experience.”

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