Bent into shape

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I envision two versions of my future. The first is where I wake up every morning miserably. The second is where I wake up every morning happily.

Three months ago, I witnessed my brother experience a series of headaches and sharp, unbearable pain. From being unable to switch lanes while driving to being unable to endure online classes, the condition was affecting his everyday activities. Eventually, we visited an orthopedic and confirmed that the pain was caused by poor posture over time.

He is fortunately recovering through consistent neck exercises and, especially, proper sitting positions. However, this experience ignited a vigor for me to change.

Witnessing loved ones in pain and seeing many elders in the doctor’s office because of bone pain served as an early warning to me that my posture and lifestyle could—I say this as an understatement—substantially affect my future health.

Throughout my childhood, I often disregarded the importance of proper posture. Now, after the past three months, I find myself constantly drilling in posture exercises.

“Keep your back straight. Look straight when walking. Retract your back. Sit at the edge of your seat,”—these are the many mental reminders I have. Needless to say, I quickly noticed mental and physical results.

More importantly, I noticed the importance of developing good habits early. I recognized I was not fixing my posture for temporary improvement but for my long-term health. This attitude gradually transferred over to my daily life.

I was no longer completing assignments early because I wanted to enjoy my weekend—well, partly—but rather because I was aiming to terminate any long term procrastination that may lie inside me. I was no longer making my bed first thing in the morning because I wanted to avoid complaints of a messy room—again, partly—but rather because I was aiming to instill a series of long-term self-discipline.

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