Photo courtesy of Kay Au Caption: To have a prolonged, close friendship, Nguyen and Au hope to grocery shop, eat, go to amusement parks, and create more memories together when they begin attending the University of California, Los Angeles. Having continually supported each other for so long, they know that their friendship can only grow.

Nguyen and Au: from acquaintances to friends (Q&A)

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Q and A: Nguyen, Au

Seniors Mabel Nguyen and Kay Au met in third grade in 2012 at Dewey Elementary School, where they started off as acquaintances. Their friendship started to blossom at the beginning of high school when they shared English and swim classes; they naturally began talking and soon developed a connection. They will room together this fall along with senior Laureen Huynh. 

Q: Why do you think your friendship has lasted for four years? 

Nguyen: “I think since we both have similar motives in life, both academically and socially, it was easy for us to get along and also push each other to reach our goals. Both of us finish our work quickly so that we can go out, we try our best in our classes to get high grades and scores, and we both enjoy talking and meeting new people.”

Au: “We are both academically and socially motivated, which is why conversing and working together comes easily.”

Q: How do you feel about going to college together? 

Nguyen: “I am excited to go to college together. The transition and process doesn’t feel as stressful and nerve-wracking since I know I have someone to go to.”

Au: “I am excited; there’s a lot to look forward to, such as trying new things or struggling together.”

Q: What are things you are looking forward to doing together?

Nguyen: “I am really looking forward to moving out together and decorating our dorm room. Also, just figuring things out together for the first time out of our households.”

Au: “I am looking forward to partying together. Also, I would like to meet more people and make more friends together; the more the merrier, and it’s also a way to explore our personalities and potential and grow while meeting new people along the way.”

Q: Do you think communication problems will arise?

Nguyen: “No, I don’t think so, because we are already pretty open with each other, and I feel like especially since we’re going to be dorming together and are near each other more, communicating with one another will be easier.”

Au: “No, we’re both very open to hearing what we each have to say about any issue that may arise, and it’s never really been a problem since we don’t really have any conflict.”

Q: What type of impact do you hold in each others’ lives? 

Nguyen: “Kay has had a pretty large impact on my life, especially the past few years since she became the person I had more mature and serious conversations with.”

Au: “I think Mabel has had a pretty big impact on my life because we grew pretty close. We would go out all the time and spend a lot of time hanging out and talk about a lot of different things.”

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