(Adwik Chaturvedi): An Individual’s transition from worrying about their body to thinking positively is depicted. Actions like these benefit one’s emotional and physical states, resulting in them appreciating their own body.

Boosting body image with self-talk

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Body positivity is a social movement that motivates individuals to appreciate their physical body, resulting in a major topic that is discussed among youth, especially high school students. Due to stress, comparisons with others, weight, and disabilities, one can be negatively affected. Individuals can counteract this negativity through positive self-talk and boosting their body positivity.

Thinking positively

Self-talk might seem like a minor practice, but it yields beneficial results. In addition, it does not require much effort, as all one needs to do is to conjure positive thoughts. This can include compliments about why an individual should be appreciative of their body. The benefits of such thinking can come in the form of improved mental health and body positivity. Even though it is easier said than done, it is worth giving it a try. 

Avoid comparisons

Comparisons with other people can have emotional and physical tolls. When an individual gets into the habit of comparing themselves with others, it encourages negative thinking throughout their day, leading to detrimental repercussions in their well-being. Statements, such as “I am trying my best” or “There is no need to compare,” are beneficial towards one’s body positivity. Additionally, it can motivate individuals to be the best version of themselves.

Interact with loved ones

From family members and friends to trusted adults, communicating thoughts and concerns can help vocalize some of these issues. Interacting with others can aid in the self-realization of how important body positivity is, resulting in an increase of optimistic thoughts.

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