(Creative Commons): The world’s tallest building in Dubai is shown being enveloped in clouds. “Hitman 3” offers large and detailed locations like this one to immerse the player into the world.

Hitman 3’s creative approach to gameplay, levels

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Released on Jan. 20, Agent 47’s journey continues in “Hitman 3,” the finale of the series. Being one of the most anticipated games of 2021, the video game offers unparalleled creative freedom for players who enjoy replaying games. 

IO Interactive, the developers, reached the peak of the stealth-action adventure genre in “Hitman 3”. Met with positive reviews, the game became the bestselling out of the trilogy, covering development costs within a week and selling over 17% more than “Hitman 2” in the United Kingdom. 

The gameplay of “Hitman 3” is very similar to its predecessors with minor improvements, most of them for graphics and increased scenarios, helping the game avoid repetition. The character models and location designs are taken up a notch to make them look more realistic, immersing the player into the world. “Hitman 3″ offers the most creative freedom in the series when it comes to taking out one’s target. I enjoyed this as I was able to create hilarious and action-packed scenarios like booby-trapping a chair that launched the target into the air. Throughout the game, multiple opportunities like these are available to the player, increasing the amount of fun.

Even though the video game is enjoyable, there are some cons, the main one being the A.I. The non-playable characters are robotic and easy to fool. I was not immersed at times as I would be standing behind a security guard who was searching for me and they failed to take notice.  

“Hitman 3” truly shines when it comes to its various locations, such as Dartmoor, the Carpathian mountains, and Berlin. These areas offer distinctive ways to get to the targets. My favorite location would be Dartmoor, United Kingdom. Infiltrating into an eerie mansion in the middle of a forest gave an ominous atmosphere. The architecture of the mansion was incredible with the intricate details being added in. Another great component is the option to wear disguises like that of a photographer or a detective.

To conclude, “Hitman 3” is an enjoyable end to the “Hitman” trilogy. Despite its unappealing name, the game turns out to be a fun and enjoyable experience. By giving players creative freedom, the developers showed what is possible from the stealth genre. From dynamic situations to enjoyable results achievable in a multitude of ways, “Hitman 3” is a game suitable for audiences looking for a great stealth-action game.

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