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Politics in lessons enhance education

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A recent outpour of political events, including the presidential election, riots, and the inauguration, has brought politics to all sectors of life, even education. In education, politics serve the essential purpose of informing students about current political events and demonstrating how lessons, especially in English or history classes, can be applied in the real world. Incorporating political events from a neutral perspective into class lessons, through debates, discussions, or writing prompts, provide students with a better understanding of both the lesson and the world around them. 

Implementing political events into lessons keeps students aware of what is happening not only within but also outside of their community. For some students, keeping up with the news is not a priority, so many important political events go unnoticed. Oftentimes, these events affect students in some way. For instance, some students may not have watched the recent inauguration even though a new presidency means drastic changes to a student’s everyday life. Students should be kept up to date on current political events, and incorporating those events in lessons delivers them directly to students.

The purpose of most lessons is lost for some students when they are not immediately shown how those lessons can be applied in their lives. Using political events to teach lessons establishes that connection. Demonstrating how to apply a lesson to one current event also teaches students how to apply lessons to political events later in life.

It is often thought that when a high school student talks politics, they are unknowledgeable about the topic. This is because high school students often lack the experience of political events to inform their opinion on current events. However, there cannot be hope for high school students to become well-versed in politics if they have never taken the first step to become involved. Incorporating politics into lessons allows for that first step to be taken. Once students are given a shove into politics, eventually, they will become experienced in the topic.

Incorporating political events into lessons for classes that can relate to them, such as English or history, ensures that students are provided a stronger understanding of the subject and are engaged in current events. It is a vital step in ensuring students are well-informed and tasked with the right skills for the future.

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