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Easy workouts to do while studying

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With school and personal issues at home, making time to stay fit is a priority that many do not plan on their schedule. Instead, one can simultaneously work out and complete schoolwork to keep one’s blood flowing and mind going. Here are a few exercises one can do while studying for any subject. 

Calf raises: This is a simple exercise that one can do while seated. Firmly place feet on the ground, and move heels up and down while keeping toes on the ground. Adding dumbbells or a few large textbooks on the lap can make the exercise more effective. Continue this exercise in 30-second increments with short breaks in between. Eventually, this exercise will strengthen the calf muscles and circulate blood flow, preventing swollen feet. 

Shrug: Just like the name implies, move shoulders up and around one’s ears for about five seconds and repeat. Doing this daily will  strengthen the trapezius muscles, an area that extends from the shoulders to the middle part of the back, while also relieving tension. Another benefit of this exercise is releasing stress through tightened shoulders and pressure from studying too long.

Wall Sits/Chair Squats: Hold head, shoulders, and upper back upright while squatting halfway against a wall for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat. For a more advanced version of this exercise, hover over a chair to squat, and then stand up with arms out and feet shoulder-width apart in repetitions of 20 to 30 seconds. Both are helpful in strengthening one’s quads, hamstrings, and glutes. 

Elbow plank: Grab a textbook, and begin the exercise by facing down at it while resting on forearms and keeping toes tucked in. Lift the body, keeping the back straight, and hold the position for one minute. This will not only strengthen the abs and quads, but also keep the body and mind busy as one reviews material, making for an effective study session.

Doing some easy exercises once a day can keep one active while studying, which, as a result, will help manage and utilize time efficiently. 

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