Photo courtesy of MoMa With the intention of introducing freshmen to the student community, MoMa will be hosting a virtual mixer. “We are mixing up a bunch of students from different backgrounds, and we're hoping to have freshmen who aren't really able to find time to meet new people in their classes to do that during our event,” senior Co-president Kay Au said.

MoMa welcomes freshmen

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Hoping for freshmen to meet each other and get acquainted with the school, Motivating Matadors (MoMa) will host another MoMa Freshman Mixer tomorrow on Zoom. The event consists of interactive activities and games where freshmen can get introduced and feel more welcomed. 

Two MoMa leaders will briefly share their experiences throughout their time in high school to provide insight about the unique extracurriculars and events available. The activities planned are bingo and Guess That Song, a game where motivators will play different songs that freshmen will have to guess the name of. Future events led by MoMa are to be determined.

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