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Famous athletes that inspire students

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Jaxon Huynh, Junior

“Diego Schwartman is one of the shortest players on the pro tour (a tennis tournament) that defied the abilities of a tennis player. Although he is short, [Schwartman] uses his other abilities, such as his speed and strength, to overcome top players. Diego Schwartman inspired me to think outside the box.”

Tan Ma, Senior

“My favorite athlete is probably Khabib Nurmagomedov. For me, one thing that I really respect about him is how humble he is. Even though he is a super dominant fighter, I know  he could also really show his humility. Overall, I think he is a pretty cool dude, and I respect how hard he has worked to leave behind the legacy that he did. Generally, I feel that when I watch clips of his matches, I feel motivated to train either my mental or physical strength, whichever I’m working on at the time.”

Norman Li, Senior

“My favorite sport is basketball. One player that caught my eye was Kevin Durant. [He] has inspired me to not worry about bulking up, even when others look like they have done so already. Durant is not a guy who relies much on his athleticism. He has an unguardable jump shot. This is why he’s only the second player so far with a successful career post-achilles surgery.”

Hilary Ung, Junior

“My favorite sport is volleyball. My favorite athlete is my coach Claudia Choi. She inspired me to work to achieve my goals and to expand my “circle of greatness.” [Choi]  has overall made me a better player and a well-rounded person. Whilst giving me tips on my future career choices, she also gives me advice for school.”

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