One of their favorite activities includes picnic dates at the park. “We usually choose a Friday, weekend, or a day we have off from school and then decide what food to get and if we are going to buy food or make it,” Trinh said. “Our food varies from snacks to meals, all of which include boba.”

Nguyen, Trinh’s relationship blossoms amidst the pandemic

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Q&A: Nguyen, Trinh 

In September 2019, senior Sean Nguyen and junior Laurie Trinh were introduced by a friend through Instagram. However, they did not start communicating much until last March where they started texting more and having frequent late-night calls, which soon led to their relationship starting in July.

Q: In what ways has the pandemic affected your relationship?

A: Our relationship began in a pandemic, so we believe that we have a lot to discover, such as going on dates, adventures, etc. A physical aspect of our relationship has been taken away because of the pandemic, but we have to make do with what we have, which I believe makes our relationship stronger and more worthwhile.

Q: Why is communication key to your relationship during this pandemic?

A: Since we don’t see each other often, we lose that important factor of physical touch, but when we come across an issue, we talk about it right away. That is important so that we don’t overthink the situation and let each other be heard. When we talk on days we don’t see each other, in a way, it makes up for the absence of physical touch and makes us feel connected somehow.

Q: Once the pandemic is over, what are some activities you both want to do together?

A: We want to do indoor rock climbing, go to the beach, and see city views because we just want to explore the world more.

Q: What is one of your favorite moments together? 

A: Our picnics are some of my favorite moments together because it’s something different other than just going to each other’s houses. It’s a different scenery, and we plan it together, so it makes it more special to us.

Q: What are some of your favorite activities to do together and why?

A: Our favorite activities are watching shows together and eating. Honestly, it’s the most we can do during a pandemic. I’d say eating is special because we both eat different types of meals when we’re in our own homes. When we go over to each other’s houses, we can experience each other’s lifestyles. It’s interesting to see how we both live so differently and being together is like a new type of experience in both of our lives. 

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