Photos by Tiffany Nguygen The layout of the online 2021 Stats Medic Advanced Placement Statistics Exam Review Course is shown. The portal has several tabs, including an “About” section that features information about the authors, a “Path” section that outlines the units of the course, and a “Community” section that allows participants to post content.

New Advanced Placement Statistics review course aids students

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The Stats Medic Advanced Placement Statistics Exam Review Course (Stats Medic) was officially introduced on Feb. 1 to students in math teacher Leah Ulloa’s second period class. Ulloa is planning to incorporate Stats Medic into the distance learning lessons and curriculum until June 30—the final day of the course. 

Although other Stats Medic resources have been employed by Ulloa starting at the beginning of the school year, this new course has a more targeted goal of ensuring student success during the pandemic.

“The review program assignments will be given as we near the AP exam to review concepts before the test,” Ulloa said. “The Stats Medic review program was available last year. It has been something Stats Medic has offered previously before distance learning but is now even more helpful for students.”

Teachers emailed the course’s sign-up link to students prior to the official starting date and provided instructions on how to access its content. The website is organized according to three tabs: About, Path, and Community.

“I do think the review course will help me pass because if I practice I’ll get the hang of it,” senior Natalie Rodrigo said. “I have never done an online program like Stats Medic, but I think it was pretty easy to sign up for it. I noticed that all the courses or options were laid out clearly.”

Initially, students are required to take a diagnostic test to gauge their understanding of statistics and areas of improvement. Videos, multiple-choice practice tests, free response questions, and typed lessons are broken down into the seven units tested on the AP exam, and students can access these resources at their leisure. 

“My confidence in passing the AP exam is certainly shaken,” senior Nathan Wong said. “However, considering that classes are now limited to two days a week, Stats Medic will provide readily accessible AP material for us to practice and learn from. The review course has all the information you need in a convenient website, and a convenient source of review can only be a good thing.” 

The district plans to utilize other tools to alleviate the stress of distance learning, especially with concerns about a lack of support for students. For AP Statistics students, Stats Medic is a welcome addition to the daily curriculum.

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