Photo courtesy of SZA. Last Christmas Day, SZA took the musical world by storm and topped Apple Music’s “Top Songs” chart with the release of her new single, “Good Days.” Her melodious lyrics encourage listeners to await good days despite being burdened by the events of the past and present, something many listeners needed to hear given the impact of the pandemic in 2020.

Why SZA’s single “Good Days” topped worldwide charts

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Merely 10 days after its release, SZA’s newest single, “Good Days,” seized the No. 1 spot on Apple Music’s chart for the most streamed “Top Songs” across genres worldwide. SZA’s single is an eloquently written song given it was the perfect message to end 2020 with. 

“Good Days” is a piece that SZA, a popular alternative R&B artist, first revealed clips of on July 15, 2020 but released later on Dec. 25. After her extended teasers were uploaded onto SoundCloud, fans were even more ecstatic to listen to the final version of the song. “Good Days” immediately captivates listeners with its soft introductory guitar rift and heartfelt lyrics that describe how SZA looks forward to her future “good days” to forget about the struggles and traumas she endures.

Verses, such as “Got me a war in my mind. Gotta let go of weight, can’t keep what’s holdin’ me. Choose to watch while the world breaks up in front of me,” showcase the duality of SZA’s song. In these lines, SZA thinks about her ex-boyfriend and how he mistreated her but acknowledges that she has to move on despite being sad and witnessing the world seemingly come to an “end.” On one hand, SZA is hurting; on another, she is healing and hopeful.

This specific message of “Good Days” is completely appropriate and relatable given the events that happened last year—a coronavirus strain, COVID-19, broke out and caused a global pandemic, forcing countries across the world to either slow operations or shut down. As a result, many people experienced fear, grief, loneliness, and sadness. 

SZA indirectly uses her single, which was strategically released near the end of the year, to encourage people to leave all of their negative emotions behind. Her music acts as an escape for those who are enduring hardship during the pandemic, and as a result, can relate to her thought-provoking and honest lyrics, which is why “Good Days” is, arguably, one of the most deserving songs to have placed No. 1 on the Apple Music charts for the end of 2020.

A combination of SZA’s stunning vocals, a catchy musical background, and an emotional, yet uplifting, meaning, “Good Days” lives up to its appraisals and success. It was worthy of topping the Apple Music charts because of the way it auditorily pleases listeners and beautifully follows them into a new year.

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