Photo credit: Shutterstock COVID-19 has delayed the release of many popular games to this year. In these times, people of all ages can use games as a way to interact with friends and family while socially distancing and enjoy a wide variety of games that cater to their interests.

Anticipated games of 2021

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  1. “The Universim” 

Becoming “God”, players will help develop a civilization on a planet. The planet is inhabited by citizens who have made their own decisions, potentially creating dangerous circumstances, while players fight through harsh weather, meteor crashes, and even aliens that want to wreak havoc. The game will be available on Xbox one and Playstation. 

  1. “Blue Protocol” 

Taking place centuries after a civilization collapses, players explore ancient ruins and a lost society to uncover hidden knowledge. With colorful graphics and fast-paced combat, this PC game focuses on teamwork among players of different character classes. No specific month has been announced for its release yet. 

  1. “Monster Hunter Rise”

Embracing the role of a monster hunter, players utilize a variety of weapons, environmental features, and tools to their advantage to perform their role. After successfully surviving attacks and defeating monsters, players acquire loot that can be used to forge new armor and weapons. This Switch game will be available on March 26.

  1. “Sport Story”

Similar to “Golf Story,” this upcoming RPG game allows players to train their character’s athletic skills on the Nintendo Switch. While sports is the main focus of the game, players can also go on random adventures, catch fish, explore creepy dungeons, and much more. This game can be played with friends, up to four players maximum. Its release date is to be decided.

  1. “Far Cry 6” 

Players will face off against Antón Castillo, a fascist dictator who wants to maintain his family’s power over Yara. While Yara continues to be in turmoil, players will embody Dani Rojas, a guerrilla soldier fighting for a resistance, while completing numerous side quests. The game will be available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, PC, and more on May 25.

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