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‘Soul’ sparks audience away

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Soul, Disney Pixar’s new movie, takes place in the streets of New York City and a fantasy world called the Great Before―a brightly-colored place where souls complete a range of activities in hopes of finding their “spark” and filling their Earth badge. It features Joe Gardner (voiced by Jamie Foxx), a band teacher and jazz pianist who embarks on a journey along with Soul 22 (voiced by Tina Fey) after falling from a manhole. 

Soul is a family-oriented movie that focuses on exhibiting the message of appreciating every moment in one’s life. This film presents its audience with an ambitious character and another character, who, at first, are seemingly polar opposites. Joe Gardner longs to have his moment in the spotlight. Contrastingly, Soul 22 is an unenthusiastic personality that becomes increasingly vibrant as she talks to Gardner more. When he gets stuck in the Great Before, Gardner persists to get back to Earth as his life finally reaches a turning point where he receives the opportunity of his lifetime. 

Soul differs from most of Disney Pixar’s movies, which typically feature themes like family bonds, in that it has a unique way of presenting some of life’s biggest and most compelling questions. This animation truly makes a person reflect on their personal life, which is what is most astounding about a Disney film like this.

Although Soul is surely a captivating movie, I thought its ending was not the most fitting. After Joe was given a second chance to relive his life, it soon ended with him stepping out of the door. I think it was an abrupt ending. I felt as if something was missing—as if the ending was not really the ending. Soul leaves the audience with many unanswered questions, which makes the audience accumulate a lot of eagerness to know what Joe’s next chapter will look like or what Soul 22’s purpose might be. 

All in all, Soul is a moving, heart-warming, stirring film. The film explores human challenges that many can relate to. The message Soul presents is absolutely inspiring which is why I would definitely recommend this film. Like Joe, I believe one should begin to really savor every second of life because after all, who gets a second chance?

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