Photo courtesy of BigHit Entertainment. BTS BE broke records as the biggest debut this year for an album performed by a group. Their hit single “Life Goes On” made it on the Billboards as the number one and “Blue & Grey” as the number nine, breaking even more records in history.

BTS’s BE album consoles listeners

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Bangtan Boys (BTS), a wildly idolized South Korean boy band, released BE (Deluxe Edition) on Nov. 20, their ninth overall studio album. This album is heavier compared to their previous albums and gives more serious, yet warm vibes. From hip-hop, electronic dance music (EDM), to rhythm and blues, BE reflects “the thoughts, emotions, and deepest ruminations” in unfolding this chapter of 2020. They also include wordplay to show double meanings behind their lyrics and a compilation of day-to-day conversations they wanted to share with fans.

In their lead single “Life Goes On,” the new theme conveys “Time moves on, no matter what,” showing their utmost comforting consolation to everyone through each member’s lines of the song. Their usual signature style ranges from upbeat to hip-hop, but this track starts with the slow beat of the drums as the music focuses more on the band’s vocals. Through the nostalgic and deep lyrics of “To the future, let’s run away,” this track emotionally connects with everyone that is suffering through the pandemic, sending a message to listeners the light of hope to come in the future.

The follow-up song “Blue & Grey” portrays BTS’s depression, anxiety, and even their demons with raw vocals and simple instrumentals. “I just want to be happier,” they sang all together, hoping it will come true. In “Dis-ease,” the upbeat tune contrasts with the seriousness of the lyrics as BTS reflects the difficult times of artists during this pandemic, and in the ending, they vocalized a message for listeners to pull-through and advance.

Shifting gears, “Fly To My Room” and “Dis-ease” all reveal BTS’s deepest emotions. Beginning with a positive attitude and addressing the current uncertainties of life because of quarantine, “Fly To My Room” embraces the many emotions people are feeling and reassures them. 

“Telepathy” is much more upbeat, energizing listeners and describing a closer feeling of being close to someone even if they may not be physically there, evoked through the warm and disco-like atmosphere which creates the feeling of ‘being’ with others. In the near ending album, the track “Stay” has a minimalist-like beat as they tell fans that although distance keeps them apart, BTS will always be there for everyone emotionally as a lasting reminder saying, “We are together.” Listening to these tracks gives listeners consoling words of hope and ends in a positive note. 

It is no wonder why BE is a record-breaking album. From the deep lyrics to the hip hop music style, the album and vocals are full of emotion, leaving me speechless. BE, an open-ended verb and album, represents a sense of ‘being’ and catches BTS’s honest feelings and their greatest hopes to everyone during this pandemic. It also expresses their comforting prayers to their fans and listeners, who have always stayed with them, to hold on and stay connected with BTS.

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