Photo courtesy of Ann Huynh. On Oct. 26, 2018, Juniors Katie Yu (left) and Ann Huynh (right) point to each other as they sit down in front of the Santa Monica Mall for the first time. “We went there for a meet up 2 days in a row and we thought it would be cute to take a photo,” Huynh said.

Huynh, Yu light up each other’s worlds

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With Christmas around the corner, junior Katie Yu’s face lit up with pure joy as her best friend, junior Ann Huynh, gifted her a light stick from her favorite K-Pop group, NCT. In remembrance of this moment, Yu brought along the light stick to her first ever concert as Huynh accompanied her on this unforgettable day. To this day, they continue to build their bond over special moments like this where they spend time with each other. 

Both remember the strange impressions they had of each other when they first met, but this marked the start of their 10-year-friendship. This friendship only strengthened when they entered high school. Now, they see each other as family, communicating with each other through social media apps, such as Snapchat and Instagram, and in person gatherings.

“What makes our friendship special is the fact that we have a friend-family type of bond,” Huynh said. “We look out for each other, and the fact that we can both talk about deep things and let out rants to each other without feeling judged makes me feel like it’s a sort of safe zone to let things out.”

One of their favorite memories they share together is going to a concert of Yu’s favorite K-pop group, NCT, in 2019. At first, the event was unpleasant as they missed the opportunity to meet the owner of ‘Choice Music,’ who was giving away free items. Yet, as they bonded during the concert and the fan meet, this day continues to undeniably be one of their favorite memories together.

“I’d like to believe we are still friends because of the strong bond and memories we made over the years,” Huynh said. “From going to concerts, surprising each other unexpectedly, going on adventures together, and being there for one another it really makes our bond like no other.”

Because of their similar characteristics of being “quiet, a bit awkward, and introverted,” they are able to share a motherly-daughter friendship by being able to understand and support one another. Huynh also typically buys gifts and food for Yu because of her ecstatic reactions that shape their friendship into what it is.

“Her reactions whenever small things like that make things memorable.” Huynh said. “Sometimes I buy her things on her birthday or Christmas such as albums of K-pop groups she is currently listening to, or I get things she’s been interested in.” 

Even if they fail to talk for long periods of time, it is never “awkward between us and [the] conversations just flow naturally.” Although the future of their friendship is unpredictable, Huynh and Yu believe that their bond will continue to evolve because of the mutual respect and love they share.

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