Photo courtesies of: Kaysa Moreno, Ken Tang, and Marcia Wilson. In the General Election that began on Nov. 3, Moreno, Tang, and Wilson became the new board members.

Brief: New board members to lead with transparency, equity, innovation

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Hoping that they will enforce ideas and policies that align with their values in the district, local voters voted and replaced the incumbent District One, Two, and Three members with Marcia Wilson, Ken Tang, and Kaysa Moreno, respectively. 

The newly elected members emphasized the significance of transparency in their campaigns. To bring positive change, Wilson plans to innovate the technological and educational systems, and ensure that students, parents, and staff feel included at AUSD. Tang aims to prioritize mental health by stationing at least one nurse and one counselor in each of the schools. Emphasizing the students’ needs, Moreno intends to allocate resources throughout the district to ensure that all students have the resources necessary to succeed.

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