Dual enrollment advances students

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Dual enrollment enables students to take college courses while they are still enrolled in high school. Because few students are participating in this program, many are missing out on the opportunity to get a head start on the college experience. Taking advantage of dual enrollment is extremely beneficial for students pursuing higher education as it prepares them for their colleges and careers.

Students save time through dual enrollment by earning credits that are transferable to both two-year and four-year degrees. These credits help fulfill general education requirements, which take two to three years to finish. As most general education classes are entirely unrelated to one’s intended major, they are often a waste of time. When students complete their dual enrollment classes, they have more freedom to focus on classes actually related to their aspirations, to work toward their master’s degree, or to attend a vocational school. After they finish preparing for their careers at school, these students will enter the workforce and earn an income earlier. 

Dual enrollment also allows students to save money. Not only is it free of tuition and textbook fees, the program also comes with access to tutoring services and digital libraries. Students who take the courses in high school do not need to pay to take the classes in college. If students pay less for tutoring and learning resources in high school, they have more money to spend on higher education. With access to more educational resources, students will develop a set of skills that enables them to work towards particular high-paying careers.

Unlike the limited kinds of classes in high school, dual enrollment lets students take a plethora of courses. Students choose from a range of college-level classes from commonly taught subjects to more specific subjects, such as Administration of Justice, Dance Techniques, and Economics. With such a variety to choose from, students have the opportunity to explore many fields of study otherwise unavailable to them. Students will be able to find a major or passion that affects their future career choices, which ultimately determines whether they will spend the rest of their life doing something that they enjoy or not.

Admittedly, students with a heavy load of extracurriculars and advanced courses will be overwhelmed if they also took college-level courses. Participating in dual enrollment strains students’ schedules, resulting in decreased performance in classes. Nevertheless, like in the case of any other class, it is the student’s responsibility to be prepared to dedicate time to the college courses. Students must recognize that they are held accountable for their academic success. They are liable for taking any class that they cannot manage, so they must be aware of their limitations.

To ensure that they are capable of handling the class, students can contact the college advisors before signing up. If they demonstrate that they excel in their academics, students can participate in one of the classes offered by East Los Angeles College, which is partnered with the district. Students who do not participate in distance learning miss the opportunity to save time and money while exploring possible future careers.

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