Photo by Tammy Vuong: Kusudama flower made with orange-red origami sheets.

Simple DIY decorations for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is near, but quarantine continues, and many people are trying to save as much money as they can for essential expenses like rent. There are several Do It Yourself (DIY) ways to decorate homes on a budget ranging from hand-drawn to craft-making designs. Here are some simple and creative DIY decorations, even for people with a busy schedule:

Origami flowers take about seven to 11 minutes total per flower. Each petal takes about one minute to make. Origami flowers can range from tulips to roses and lilies. The most popular type is the origami Kusudama flower, which can be used for any type of occasion. 

  1. Get a piece of origami paper (any color), and fold it in half upward
  1. Fold the two side corners to meet the center
  1. Fold the corners again outward, so it is facing out
  1. Place fingers in the side pockets and open them
  1. Fold the corners of the pockets down
  1. Fold the side corners again to make a square

7. Glue the two sides together, and hold them until it sticks

  1. Repeat these same steps for the next six origami sheets, and glue them all together by the sides to make a flower

Hand-drawn leaves and banners take about five to 10 minutes depending on the amount drawn and decorated. Since it is near Thanksgiving, the leaves and banners should be related to Thanksgiving. Maple leaves and “Happy Thanksgiving” signs are best for this occasion. 

  1. Get a piece of paper, cloth, or cardboard
  2. Draw as many leaves or banners necessary
  3. Cut it out and color

Pinecone wreaths are pine cones glued together in a circle-like shape, which take about 30 minutes to an hour to finish. These serve as amazing decorations for hanging on front doors or inside rooms to get a Thanksgiving theme. 

  1. Gather around 20-25 pine cones (depending on size)
  2. Paint the pine cones for a colorful look 
  3. Draw out the desired circle on a large piece of paper or cloth
  4. Glue the pine cones together following the circle (overlap if necessary)

Painted pumpkins take around five to 20 minutes depending on the size of the design. To make it a Thanksgiving theme, painting on turkeys or maple leaves are ideal. 

  1. Grab a small or large pumpkin
  2. Draw a turkey or leaves for a Thanksgiving theme
  3. Add in any other decorations (glitter or ribbons)
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