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Time-management is essential for students

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Due to the limited time students have, homework can cut into time students reserve for hobbies, sports, family bonding, and visiting friends. Hectic and stressful schedules have made people forget the importance of social life. In order to lead a balanced life, time-management is important.

By effectively utilizing their time, students can create a stronger balance between work and life. An article from Psychreg states that spending time away from work and doing what you enjoy reduces stress which can affect both mental and physical well-being. Free time offers a student’s mind a chance to relax and refresh itself after working for a long period of time. In this way, students could increase their productivity on finishing their homework. 

Students will learn self-discipline by practicing arranging their schedules. Great time management will allow students to achieve their goals and make their free time more enjoyable. As students focus on themselves, they practice self-discipline and follow a flexible schedule. It makes a point for students to improve their time-organizing skills in order to increase self-discipline. Nowadays, online learning has made it easier for students to procrastinate. 

Opposing views may call to attention that managing time is not worth it because people would be forced to follow a rigid schedule. When another situation comes up and their inflexible schedule does not allow them to have time to deal with it, it results in them being behind schedule. However, if their planning is accurately detailed and organized, they should have “buffer time” built in to their schedule to allow for such delays so that their goals can still be accomplished. 

In order to achieve a healthier lifestyle, time management is an essential skill to be learned and mastered. By managing time well, students will no longer suffer from stress and their responsibilities will be done on time and with great quality. One way to manage time is attending extended home learning to do homework. By having a teacher watching, students would have an easier time getting away from distractions and pay full attention to their homework.  

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