Photo by Adwik Chaturvedi: (Left) Freshman Adwik Chaturvedi performs a cardio kickboxing jab. Along with this includes multiple upper and lower body exercises to do.

Workout of the month: Cardio Kickboxing

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Due to quarantine, most students sit on chairs for the majority of their days, which can be tiring for the body. Cardio kickboxing is the perfect solution for the lack of physical activity. Combining stretches with fast-paced exercises, cardio kickboxing is a benefitting workout that can be done anywhere. 

Not requiring any equipment, these exercises can be done at one’s own pace. Beginners can start off slow with light warm-ups and gradually progress towards more complex techniques, such as shadow boxing. The latter requires one to constantly move their legs with their upper body in a circular motion.

Simple workouts include uppercuts, roundhouse kicks, and forward kicks. Roundhouse kicks and forward kicks are done by keeping the back straight. Punches, jabs, and uppercuts are done by keeping the arms tight and releasing with force in front or above oneself. All exercises are done in incraments of 40-second exercises and 20-second breaks with fast and energetic movements. Repeating this five times is recommended.

Overall, this workout improves many aspects of the human body, such as flexibility and strength. Incorporating this exercise helps relieve stress and anxiety while helping students become more active and healthy.

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