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Best local takeout places

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As COVID-19 cases continue to surge, ordering takeout and delivery has become the new go-to method of eating. As a result, several restaurants have drifted from dine-in to delivery and pick-up. There are plenty of restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley area to choose from for all types of palates.

  1. Mama Lu’s Dumpling House, located in Monterey Park, has delivery, takeout, and enforced social distancing. Their delivery partners are Uber Eats, Postmates, and DoorDash. This restaurant serves Asian cuisine, and their notable dishes include a variety of dumplings, ranging from soup dumplings to pan-fried dumplings, and fried rice dishes. 
  2. Bhanu Indian Cuisine & Market is a restaurant and market that offers delivery, drive-thru, takeout, curbside pickup, outdoor seating, and shipping for fresh produce. It is located in San Gabriel, and a few must-have dishes include Tandoori chicken, which is chicken roasted in a clay oven, and Palak Paneer, a vegetarian dish made from a thick, spiced spinach paste.
  3. Blazin Chicks is a fast-food restaurant that features chicken-based meals and burgers. One of their specialties is a Wing box that consists of chicken wings with a side of fries. Another specialty, the Slider combo, has two chicken sliders with a side of fries. It is located in Temple City and offers takeout and curbside pickup. 
  4. Yuk Dae Jang prepares traditional Korean cuisine like Yuk Dae Jang Soon Tofu ( a spicy, hot, red-colored soup), Dried Pollack Sul Lung Tang (made with dried fish, tofu, potato, and onions), and several other Korean dishes. This restaurant is located in San Gabriel with available options for delivery and takeout. 
  5. Banana Bay Restaurant is located in Temple City and serves Thai cuisine, ranging from Pad Thai (mildly spicy rice noodles with shrimps) and Pad See Ew (mildly sweet rice noodles with chinese broccoli) to Tom Yum Soup. Their restaurant offers delivery and takeout.
  6. Habanero Mexican Grill has a variety of burritos and tacos. On Wednesdays, fish tacos are only $1.75. It has drive-thru and takeout, which is convenient for people who prefer to call-in to order their food or grab-and-go. 
  7. Cha Cafe, located in El Monte, is known for their ample amount of diverse dishes, including Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, and American cuisines. They allow curbside pickup, takeout, and delivery. Their highly recommended meals are Ahi Tuna Pokes (a mixture of tuna, avocados, and salad), burgers, and Wang boxes (any type of protein with a spicy mayo sauce, and fried tofu).
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