Photo courtesy of Ashley Macias, Amanda Lee (@charity.cakess) Junior Ashley Macias supports Charity Cakes, a small business founded by a MKHS student, Amanda Lee. “One-hundred percent of their proceeds go towards causes and organizations such as the Yemen Crisis, Emergency Release Fund, the COVID Bail Out NYC, and the Lebanon Red Cross,” Macias said.

Macias invests in pastries to promote racial equality

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Walking up to the front door, junior Ashley Macias waited patiently for her friend to let her in as usual. However, this time, she was greeted with the heartbreaking words, “Sorry, my parents think you’re going to steal.” As the door closed, the words repeated in her head, and tears welled up. It would become just one of the many racially charged situations that has affected her. 

Macias was categorized into a stereotype based on her ethnicity, leading her to hear racial slurs targeted towards the Latinx community. Because the Black community has also experienced racial prejudice, she tries to support local businesses, like Charity Cakes (@charity.cakess), founded by Mark Keppel High School (MKHS) student Amanda Lee, that speak out about these social injustices. 

“I want to financially contribute to raise awareness,” Macias said. “This is why I purchase from businesses that support activist groups or causes.” 

Although Macias’s parents disagreed with her stance on the Black Lives Matter movement and systemic racism in the U.S., she still purchased from the business.

“To earn money, I babysat for my family,” Macias said. “I was then able to use my own money to purchase these cupcakes. Since they were just cupcakes, my family thought nothing of it.”

In the future, Macias hopes to establish a platform, such as a website, to share information about social issues. She believes that everyone should do their part to rid the injustices that plague society through simple acts, like donating money, signing petitions, and educating themselves on systemic racism. 

“It can be intimidating to read up on these issues due to not knowing where to start, which is why I want to have more resources available,” Macias said. “Being part of the change is important. This way, I am not complicit but rather contributing to a solution.”

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