Photo courtesies of Allison Hernandez and Roger Lara: Alison Hernandez and Roger Lara gain a surge of followers on TikTok as they learn how to produce creative videos and gain insight on worldwide trends.

Meet our TikTok stars

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Allison Hernandez, 12

Q: What is the meaning behind your username?

A: “When I was younger my mom would call me ‘solecito’, which means little sun.” [Since] alilsun resembled my name and also could come across as a little sun, I chose that as a username.

Q: What is your most popular video?

A:  “[It] has 278.7k likes and 1.4 million views. I duetted a popular creator, Jacob Sartorius, who had mentioned in his video that girls with glasses were attractive to him. So I quickly took my glasses off my face and threw them out of the frame.”

What kind of videos do you make in general?

A: I make a variety of content which includes makeup, art, and relatable videos. 

What is your favorite filter?

A: My favorite filter is the green screen filter because it makes it easier to show images on videos and can be used in many ways.

What is your favorite trend?

A: My favorite trend is probably the Tim Burton character trend. I grew up with these movies and really enjoy them.

Why did you download TikTok?

A: I downloaded TikTok just for fun and to browse through videos. I never thought I’d actually create content of my own. 

Do you have any celebrities that you look up to on the platform?

A: There [aren’t] many celebrities I look up to on the app, as I tend to follow smaller creators instead [such as] elpunko, mattyxlundy, jennkoga.

Q: What have you learned from doing TikTok?

A: From TikTok, I’ve learned that no matter what you do there will always be people who will criticize you, so you might as well just do what makes you happy.

Roger Lara, 12

What is your TikTok username? Is there any specific reason as to why you named yourself that?

A: My name on TikTok is @duhitzroger. I named it that because when I was in 7th grade, I thought it was cool.

What is your favorite filter?

A: The filter I use the most is the color saturation filter. I like it because you can make the colors more vibrant.

Q: What is your favorite trend?

A: My favorite trend is the Fuller House [trend]. It’s a video where you and friends record yourselves doing something then look at the camera and wave. I like this because you can be creative and do it with friends.

Do you have any celebrities that you look up to on the platform?

A: Yes, it’s a girl named Caroline Carr. Her TikTok is @yeahimcaroline, and I love her because she is pretty funny and is just always positive.

Q: What is your most popular video? 

A: “[It] got 91.4k likes and 196.4k views. The video is me doing a dance to ‘Heart Don’t Stand a Chance’ by Anderson Paak. [Honestly], I really don’t know why it got so many likes.”

Q: What have you learned from doing TikTok? 

A: “TikTok showed me to express myself no matter what and to just be me. In a world like now, many people are really scared to just put themselves out there. I try to always make myself stand out [and am] always open to making friends that will last a lifetime.”

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