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Zero-emission vehicle replacement improves future

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Through an executive order, Governor Gavin Newsom plans to put a ban on all sales of gasoline-powered cars by 2035 and replace them with zero-emission vehicles. This ban will begin with passenger vehicles first, then heavy duty vehicles like trucks by 2045. Newsom believes that the ban will help the environment by reducing the usage of carbon going into the air. Newsom’s plan to transition vehicles is the right step towards defeating global warming.

Constant wildfires paired with immense gas emissions from constant use of cars have made California’s air quality really awful. Gas-emissions cars are worsening the problem by being the largest contributors to poor air quality, making up about 28.2% of greenhouse gases in 2018. By removing this factor, Newsom’s plan will slowly reduce global warming. This will get rid of the carbon emitted, which plays a huge factor in what makes up the greenhouse gases. Our environment’s current dire state is a wake-up call that gas cars are not the way to continue.

Other countries have already begun to transition their vehicles. Fifteen countries—including Austria, China, and Japan—have decided to implement a similar order as well back in 2017. Newsom’s plan could make California the first state that leads America into a new era of zero emission cars, impacting the country’s environment in a positive way. This would hopefully influence other states with high gas emission cars to undertake the same task in bettering the future.

Although some are concerned about the uncertain cost, business, and availability aspects of this change, it is necessary. 2035 seems far ahead, but changing every car in California to a zero-emissions vehicle seems very daunting. Eventually, everyone will slowly switch to zero emission cars that possibly will be affordable. With time and consistency, the vehicle switch will smoothly transition.

Newsom’s order in substituting gas emission vehicles will certainly be instrumental in combating global warming. “This moment demands leadership, it demands movement,” Governor Newsom said, and it does. If Governor Newsom’s plan goes accordingly, then there should be no more worries of cars affecting the environment. 

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