An organized space with necessary supplies enables one to be focused on completing work sooner and creates time for other activities.

Tips on staying productive during distance learning

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As COVID-19 cases rise and schools continue distance learning, students and staff alike might find it more difficult to stay productive with so much time spent at home. However, there are multiple ways in which one can stay productive at home. 

Exercising and practicing yoga stretches are energizing activities that make many feel more awake and ready to begin the day. When one feels lively, they are able to get work completed. Both exercising and yoga require people to be actively moving. As a result, it boosts overall health and mood for the day. For beginners, videos from popular fitness influencers, such as Chloe Ting, Emi Wong and Pamela Reif, can help to get one started. 

Having an organized planner or to-do list assists both students and teachers when they need to schedule their activities or events for the day. Examples of planners are bullet journals, diaries, or calendars, which can be bought at any department store. This prevents people from becoming distracted, and allows them to accomplish several goals throughout the day. Using a planner also eliminates the chance of forgetting about an important task.  

Listening to music allows one to uncoil and stay focused. This not only relaxes the mind and body, but it can also allow people to complete tasks simultaneously. Since one finishes their work earlier, they have more time to do other activities. Some relaxing music genres to listen to are piano, jazz, classical, or acoustic. These calming genres help create a comfortable environment for concentration. 

Organizing a warm and suitable area to complete assignments enables individuals to focus more on their work and be at ease. Since the necessary materials like notebooks, pencils, and a laptop will all be at the designated workplace, one would be able to stay and accomplish their tasks without having to get up frequently. Furthermore, it will be their own comfortable space to complete assignments and develop healthier work habits. 

Another tip for staying productive is self-care. This can be done in a variety of methods: mental breaks between work, eating meals on time, and consistently keeping in contact with friends and family. When feeling mentally refreshed, people will have time to focus on their work and have a positive mindset. 

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