Encinas rolls out a guide for athletes

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This is the front cover of the 130 paged Lifting Program. It contains a 16 week plan full of workouts for different weight classes. Then a proper meal plan for the day. 

As school remains closed, sport teams have also been put on hold until further notice. Since practices and training have been canceled, players have had to find other ways to stay in shape. 

Varsity football Coach Kevin Encinas created a 130-page guide called the “lifting program” to help his players stay fit and healthy. He included everything from workout plans to meal plans. 

“I wanted our players to have a resource that they can reference if they wanted to continue to exercise on their own,” Encinas said. “This [is so] if and when we return to campus, they will be more prepared for the season.” 

In the meal plan, he describes what food choices players should make, such as eating few fatty foods and, most importantly, eating a lot of protein. One of the five meals he gives is right after your workout which consists of fifty grams of carbs and forty grams of protein. 

“[The guide] provides a lot of different information on working out, nutrition, hydration and mobility,” Encinas said. 

Encinas structured the workout plan so that everyone has the steps and guide to a workout, whether they have dumbbells, a barbell, or no equipment at all.

“If they follow the program, they will be working out and exercising consistently,” Encinas said. “That alone will improve their overall fitness. Players will not only see the benefits of a change in body composition and improved strength and performance, but [it] will [also] reduce their chances of becoming injured.”

Encinas wanted to make sure that when his players returned, they would be ready and prepared for the physical challenges to come.

“In football, it is vital to implement some kind of resistance program into player development,” Encinas said. “Football is very demanding on the body. It is important to become as strong as possible prior to the start of the season.”

Senior varsity player Saugat Dhakal has come to rely on the program during this time.  

“At the start of quarantine I was really lost, not knowing where to start my workouts or an idea of what I should be working on,” Dhakal said. “When Coach Encinas sent out the lifting program, it really helped put me back on track for the season.” 

With the help of Coach Encinas and his “lifting program,” the team hopes to be ready upon campus reopening. 

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