The Academic Pep Rally was one of many events canceled, including prom, Grad Nite, and the graduation ceremony at ELAC.

Various club activities, school events cancelled for remainder of school year

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With the district announcing school closure for the remainder of the school year, club operations and events have been canceled for the safety of students and staff. While certain competitions such as the 2020 National Competition of Speech and Debate and the Classic Slam of Get Lit will be held online, others will not have an online alternative.

The Spring Break trip to France between the school’s and Mark Keppel’s French Club was canceled as well. French teacher Susan Rose and the other leaders of the trip made the decision before international travel was banned due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in France in early March.

“Naturally, all French Club activities have been suspended since clubs were so directed by the principal on March 12,” Rose said. “One event that members had been especially looking forward to was our outing to a French restaurant, La Vie, in Rosemead.”

The Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) competitions that were supposed to take place from April 5-7 were one of the many competitions that were canceled. Senior President Kenny Ho said that he worries how the next cabinet will be able to handle planning for the competitions.

“HOSA’s national competitions are used [as] a training course for the next cabinet while the old cabinet is still around,” Ho said. “With that canceled, they won’t have much guidance from us.”

Sophomore Joey Lin planned to participate in two HOSA competitive events prior to the quarantine. She said that she was looking forward to the competition but accepted the decision to cancel in order to keep others safe. 

“I felt disappointed when I heard the news of the HOSA competition being canceled mainly because it felt like all my hard work had gone to waste,” Lin said. “All the time and effort dedicated to studying for my event was going down the drain.”

More events included in the cancellation are the Academic Pep Rally and the returning Talent Show. Fundraisers that would allow clubs and ASB to earn money have ceased as well. Senior ASB President Hanson Pham said that the lack of fundraisers will most likely not affect ASB next year because the supplies needed for the postponed events were already ordered.

“I’m sure we will have enough in our budget to fund future events such as next year’s rallies and dances,” Pham said.

In an announcement made by the district on April 17, it has been confirmed that Grad Nite, Prom, and the traditional graduation ceremony at East Los Angeles College have been canceled as well.

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