Activities to attempt during quarantine

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As COVID-19 cases increase everyday, people have been advised to stay home. Being quarantined can be quite mundane; however, students can indulge themselves through various hobbies.

Bullet journaling is a well-known and fascinating hobby, allowing people to express themselves through doodling, planning, and writing. Additionally, bullet journals could be used as a type of diary, so thoughts and ideas are included to aid in conveying oneself.

Another popular pastime is scrolling through TikTok and learning well-known TikTok dances. The content on TikTok mostly revolves around dances using popular songs, like “Pretty Girl” by Maggie Lindemann, “Nonstop” by Drake, and “Say So” by Dojo Cat. Droves of students enjoy going on TikTok because of these entertaining videos that keep them distracted.

Naturally, spending quality time with family has become extremely important and easier than ever now that the majority of people are staying home. Students can learn to cook, bake, watch movies, or play board games with their family to strengthen their bond.

Organizing supplies, cleaning, and redoracting may be great activities to help pass time during quarantine because it is another distraction. These activities help make the surrounding environments clean and serve as an outstanding example for others to follow.

Despite being unable to go outside, people can still find a way to exercise, as it is important for physical and mental health. Students can explore at-home workout videos on Youtube. The platform offers videos with exercises of varying intensities, so students can challenge themselves with a demanding workout or try something lighter to simultaneously exercise and watch television.

There are plenty of other activities; however, these are the most well-known. One should remember to wash their hands and stay safe.

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