Chen often makes crepes or flan pudding for her younger sister, who has grown fond of her desserts.

Chen whips up batches of homemade sweets

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Senior Vicky Chen sets a plate on the table, and the dish’s aroma fills the air. At the request of her younger sister, Chen sprinkles some powdered sugar and drizzles chocolate syrup onto the plate of freshly-made crepes.

Chen grew up watching her mother cook in the kitchen ever since elementary school, which allowed her to learn how to cook and bake at a young age. However, it was only at the beginning of high school when Chen decided to start cooking and baking more often.

“I began watching more cooking videos and started to learn by myself without my mom’s help,” Chen said. “Now, whenever I see her make food that turns out good, I will always want to try making whatever she made on my own.”

Aside from remaking her mom’s recipes, Chen goes on apps such as YouTube and Pinterest for inspiration when she is stressed. Making food helps her relax, and she enjoys bringing homemade sweets to school for her friends.

“My specialty is desserts such as cakes and brownies because I really like sweets, and I like to give them to other people as well,” Chen said. “I’ve made a birthday cake for my friend before. I make food for my friends in my free time when I’m not busy with school.”

Although Chen cooks as much as she bakes, she constantly searches for new dessert recipes and is always looking forward to her next baking session.

“I want to learn how to make a raindrop cake, a jelly-like dessert that looks like a raindrop, made out of water, gelatin, and other ingredients,” Chen said. “It looks like it might be simple, but I’ve never made it before, so I want to give it a try.”

In addition to being open to try new recipes, Chen is considering careers related to the culinary arts after she graduates.

“In the future, I want to open a half bakery, half cafe possibly with my mom,” Chen said. “because she wants to open something similar as well. So maybe we can have a joint business.”

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