Unspirited students demand more spirit

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Participation from students is clearly absent in the school community. It is impossible to attain a strong school community if students are not vocal with what they want to see in the school, or if they do not make the effort to implement changes, such as encourage their peers to be more school-spirited. 

A strong school community consists of active participation among the students. Examples include attending games or plays to show support for their peers, engaging in spirit weeks, or even attempting to talk to administration about possible ways to improve the school. 

Without student participation, school does not foster a sense of belonging—students feel out of place and uncomfortable because they may feel voiceless or deprived of connections with students and staff. This influences overall performance in school because the environment would be tense, and students may not feel as if they could receive adequate support from their peers or teachers to receive academic or personal help. 

Many students are not cognizant that they are the sole reason as to why the current condition of our school community is lifeless. It is transparent that there is minimal participation during spirit weeks, in cheering during rallies, and attendance in after school events. Students may prioritize talking to their friends during rallies or hanging out with friends outside of school rather than attending fundraisers and after school events. Although it is easy to accuse student organizations in charge of preparing school events, students do not realize they are responsible in shaping the school community. 

Furthermore, school is fundamental for students. If students desire a school-bound community thriving in spirit and exciting events, there should be engagement with other students of the same mindset to bring changes. A tight-knit community simply cannot be achieved through popular alternatives, such as complaints among themselves or silence.

Students need to abandon the negative perception that they do not obtain the capability to make changes. They must understand they are an essential component in shaping the school community into its ideal state through means of showing school spirit or voicing their own suggestions for improved school events.

Students tend to resort to complaints when school events are not in their favor, or are not as exciting as they would like them to be. As a result, Associated Student Body, who have the goal of driving school spirit, are held accountable for dull school events. However, they should only be held partly responsible if students do not make an effort to spark school spirit,— let alone attend these events. Although it is true that student body organizations can do more for the students, such as utilizing student input to satisfy what the majority desires and trying new ideas, there is no possibility of change unless students take action and vocalize their beliefs or proposals. 

All in all, school is a platform for students to be involved in and to shape into ideally what they want—a school with spirit and exciting events. Students must make the effort to acquire what they desire, within reason, through personal involvement, collaboration with other students of the same goal, abandonment of the usual negative mindset, and overall genuine care for the school community.

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