During the Poetry Out Loud competition held in the Multi-Purpose Room, junior Emily Chen was recognized as the top performer with her poem "Oranges" by Roisin Kelly.

Poetry Out Loud inspires newfound courage

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Poets of all grades came together on Oct. 29 to perform in the 10th annual Poetry Out Loud competition in the Multi-Purpose Room.

The top performers advancing to the Tri-City District Finals are seniors Mehran Alam, Monica Chen, Qisen Lin, and Elsie Wang, and junior Emily Chen. Sophomore Michelle Wu said that she found the experience of competing in Poetry Out Loud to be worthwhile. 

“I used to be very anxious when it came to public speaking and revealing my emotions,” Wu said. “With the help of poetry, it became easier because a lot of people can relate to your struggles through your performances.”

The Tri-City District Finals was held on Nov. 13 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at the Alhambra High School Little Theater.

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