Wu wooed by beauty of strings

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Taking out her dark, spruce violin and its accompanying long handcrafted bow, she lays the bow gently on the delicate strings and begins to play. Each note that echoes from the fragile instrument is like a picture that allows her to express her words and thoughts through music. 

Inspired by young, talented musicians online, such as cellist Nana Ouyang, she wanted to pursue music as a hobby and learned how to play the violin and piano. 

“When I was 10-years-old, I started playing the violin,” Wu said. “One day I was on YouTube, I saw this 14-year-old cellist and her music really inspired me to start playing classical instruments.”

Music has allowed her to speak and express her thoughts and feelings during her ups and downs in life. It has helped her through the rough times and embraces the highest moments. 

“Playing the violin has made many changes [to] me as a person on the inside and the outside,” Wu said. “From my instrument, I was able to talk and communicate better with others, becoming more comfortable in my environment.”

Her aspiration to become a musician motivates her to devote time and patience to writing her own music. 

“As of right now, I do have a dream of becoming a musician but I’m not sure yet,” Wu said. “I feel that I’ll have a fulfilling career because I’ll never give up on music no matter how far I’m going.”

Music’s impact on her life keeps her anchored and motivated to achieve reach her goals. It has allowed her to freely compose what she loves to hear and feel.  

“Every time I think about music, I would always feel motivated because I can make a music piece of my own,” Wu said. “That’s always been my dream—creating my own music.”

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