Internet dominates everyday life

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Overusage of the internet caused many problems in society, behavior, and consumer lifestyles. Keeping up with friends and family through social media, Google searching, and streaming movies on sites like Netflix and Hulu, have become part of a student’s daily routine. Much of a student’s time is spent on the internet as it is used for almost everything. Since students use it so much, it causes them to be addicted.

In terms of social connections, students use the internet to communicate online and build friendships. It allows them to broaden their field of communication; however, it reduces their social skills since many of them rather talk online than in person. Instead of socializing in real life, students go online and isolate themselves. It has caused them to become more antisocial and lack direct communication abilities,.

The internet is important for building culture since many trends are shared online. Internet memes have played a role in the development of the culture of today’s generation. As a result of internet culture, negative or unethical behavior is heavily influenced by online users. These ‘influencers’ have affected society through the way students speak, act, and feel.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is also significant in daily lives as students rely on Amazon and other e-commerce sites for goods and services. The transition to the digital market is easier to access and often less time-consuming. E-commerce has become so popular that many retailers, such as Sears and Macy’s, started to shut down. Physical change can be seen as malls and other retailers become less populated and empty. This shift in the digital market and ease of access can cause us to impulsively purchase unnecessary products and splurge on services such as Postmates and Uber.

The Internet is innovative and moving humanity towards the future. Although that may be true, if students continue to allow the internet to take over their daily lives, they can suffer all the consequences that come with being too reliant on it.

Intensive use of the Internet can cause addiction since it is a major part of their lives unless it is carefully controlled. This obsessive behavior makes it difficult to live without it, but can be easily moderated by having a set time for internet use. By doing so, benefits such as improved social skills, behavior, and being less distracted, making can make their busy lives much easier.

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