Minecraft respawns with assistance of Pewdiepie

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After a declining popularity in recent years, “Minecraft” returns to the gaming community and storms the YouTube algorithm today with the help of YouTuber Pewdiepie.

“Minecraft” was first released in 2011 with little to compare to major competitors like “Angry Birds” and “Pokémon.” Throughout the years, the game began to develop. Sophomore Na Lin enjoys the new updates the game has to offer compared to its previous years as a standard sandbox game. 

“It’s a fun game for all ages, where you mine, look for diamonds and defeat the boss, the ender dragon,” Lin said. “I like how Mojang updates the game and listen to the feedback of players.”

The game has much to offer like the multiplayer feature, the ability to play with multiple friends on community public servers. Senior Donna Tu likes to play with her friends during her free time.

“It’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m stressed,” Tu said. “When I just want to have fun, I hop on and play Minecraft with my friends.”

Recently, however, Pewdiepie began to indulge in his own “Minecraft” adventure. As an influential gamer with over 100 million subscribers, the old game resurfaced in the gaming community.

“I think the reason why people came back was that they were feeling nostalgic about the old days,” senior Levin Chang said. “Influencers, such as Pewdiepie, encouraged people to come back.”

Just after a few weeks of posting “Minecraft” videos, Pewdiepie reignited the game for many students, reminding them wistfully of their go-to sandbox. The game once again became a platform for fostering friendships and bonds. 

“It influenced me a lot,” sophomore James San said. “I’ve been playing for many years and multiple hours a week with my friend, making me a happier person.”

According to Google Trends, “Minecraft” dominates as the current most popular game; it continues to hit higher searches than any other game. Therefore, it can be said that most people who played “Minecraft” never really quitーthey only took a long break.

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