Rosemead celebrates 60th anniversary

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The city of Rosemead recently celebrated their 60th anniversary on Aug. 29. The event, held at the Rosemead City Hall, commemorated Rosemead’s accomplishments and milestones within 60 years of establishment. A festival and time capsule was designated to memorialize the event.

Rosemead, established in 1959, was originally populated by Native Americans living near Mission San Gabriel Arcangel. With the rise of the Asian and Latino population in nearby cities such as Monterey Park and Alhambra, Rosemead also had a surge in the Asian and Latino demographic, leading to increased diversity. 

“Rosemead has great people living there and they encourage one another even if they are strangers,” junior Simon Ngo said. “The mixed ethnicity shared within the city and the understanding of one another plays a huge part in keeping the people of this city together.”

Many students live in Rosemead and spent most of their childhood in the city. Freshman Tina Dang emphasizes on her relatives and the community that she spent much of her childhood in. 

 “Rosemead is around my relatives,” Dang said. People who you are closely connected to and give you great memories for you to treasure, but also being close to them  is a really good feeling.”  

Bonds and friendships have been made in the city among the neighbors, coworkers, and classmates. The city also was a place where people grew their businesses, serving the community. These businesses thrive on the expanding minority population in the city. 

“Rosemead means family,” sophomore Stephanie Rodriguez said. “ Rosemead is all I’ve ever known. I met almost all of my friends here.” 

While some residents are content and cherish their city, others want to see change.

“Rosemead could make use of the many abandoned store spots,” Rodriguez said. “The city could also use more parks and green areas that can be extremely beneficial for the environment.”

Some students wanted to see a change in Rosemead’s education system. Although the schools were a great experience for many, there can be improvements in staff, teaching methods, and funding. 

“The city should work on their budgets for school because they are using the money for unnecessary things,” freshman Eric Tran said. 

The anniversary shows how much change the city has undergone after 60 years. 

 “I do know that the city is changing by days,” Ngo said. “As for the anniversary, it is believably to commemorate the time the people of Rosemead spent together.” 

This anniversary marks Rosemead’s achievements and alterations in the community and the city itself.  Overall, diversity and society are components to making the city unique and culturally different from many others. Rosemead is going to continue changing for its residents and future generations, making it a better place to live.

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