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Climate change and pollution have been a major concern for me since I learned about the potentially devastating effects they will have on the entire planet, which has made me worry about the sustainability of our lifestyles. I have placed a great deal of effort in mitigating this by promoting environmentalism and working to create a positive difference as I believe it is necessary to do so for the sake of everyone who will be affected by it in the future.

Initially, pollution was only a minor issue to me. It was a problem for the future, maybe even the far future where it would never affect me. In other words, it was someone else’s problem. However, I gradually realized that this was far from true, as well as an incredibly selfish way of thinking. I have seen an enormous amount of litter throughout parks, cities, and beaches, much of which was plastic or styrofoam and can easily enter the ocean. I have inhaled smoke from cars nearly every time I go to school or downtown. I have felt the sweltering heat that has worsened in recent years. This was more than enough to convince me that I should do everything I can to reduce pollution before it becomes disastrous.

Now, I view climate change and pollution as major detriments to society and have worked to fight them. I have joined the Environmental club and a nonprofit, student-led organization known as Stand Against Plastic Straws (SAPS) to minimize the impact of waste. I have spoken to my friends and family about this topic and explained why it is essential for us to tackle this issue now. This impacted their lifestyles as they began to recycle more often, showing that advocacy can be effective at making change. Even so, I want to do more. There must be fundamental changes to drastically reduce pollution, and I will do as much as I can to push for this. This is extremely significant to me as pollution will create drastic damage to the world and society, making this extraordinarily urgent. I feel that this is one of the most pressing issues we face today and must act as soon as possible to prevent extreme repercussions.

I want to do all I can to preserve the environment and maintain the beauty of nature. My goal is to stand against pollution, plastic waste, and overconsumption. I aim to create direct and impactful reforms to combat these issues by informing those around me about their significance and working with organizations, such as SAPS, to promote change. This can include anything from lifestyle alterations to political action for large scale change. Through this, I intend to create a meaningful impact and effectively reduce pollution in any way I can.

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