Dot ; Dough becomes the place to go for malasadas

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Dot & Dough just might be the perfect bakery to satisfy your cravings for delectable, warm malasadas with a variety of delicious fillings.

When my friend and I walked into the small bakery, I was pleasantly surprised by the aesthetic of the interior decor and its simplicity. The small, circular wooden tables were lined in a row with black chairs and a long bench. Inside, there was a cursive neon sign against the two-tone walls of pink and dark blue. The pink and dark blue color scheme, as well as the geometric light bulb cages hanging from the ceiling, added to the overall aesthetic.

Dot & Dough offers an array of fillings for their malasadas, or fried dough coated with granulated sugar, such as vanilla, taro, dark chocolate, matcha, cappuccino, and earl grey. Malasada with filling costs $2.75 each. For malasadas without any filling, the fried dough can be coated with either sugar or cinnamon sugar for only $2.50. Although malasadas are the main focus at Dot & Dough, the establishment also serves scones, lattes, hot drinks, and “little prince” cookies.

We saw that on the menu that if we bought six malasadas, we could get one free, or if we bought 12 malasadas, we could get two free. My friend and I opted for the “buy six malasadas, get one free” deal. We ordered malasadas with matcha, earl grey, vanilla, sugar, and taro fillings.

The service was quick, and we were told which flavor each individual malasada was to ease confusion. The malasadas were warm, and the fillings were just overall delightful. Dot & Dough truly stood by their flavors and executed them to the fullest, richest tastes. In addition, the dough was fluffy, and the granulated sugar on the outside added necessary additional sweetness to the well-balanced flavor of the fillings. The goey matcha filling, my personal favorite of all, had its bitter component, melded with the right amount of sweetness, and was encased in a fluffy dough. I was content that I did not encounter one with overwhelming sweetness that took away the flavor of the malasada.

Overall, I would highly recommend pastry-lovers to give Dot & Dough a visit. Although it may seem a bit pricey for one malasada, its flavors are definitely worth it. In addition, I would suggest going with a friend or two because of the deals offered, which allow customers to try almost all the flavors available. Dot & Dough is located at 141 N Atlantic Blvd Ste 102, Monterey Park, CA 91754.

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