Campus buildings are inefficiently organized

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Upon first glance, navigating the vast campus of the school is like a difficult puzzle that even a school map will not solve. The letters marked on each building hold no major correlation to the subjects taught in each building, especially to students who lack access to administrative knowledge of the campus. The collection of letters include A, B, E, H, IA, L, P, S, and MS, but it seems like they were randomly assigned as they have no sensical arrangement. Even then, the building labeled ‘L’ has no relation to the mathematics classes taught there.

In the case of freshman students arriving on campus on the first day of school, the process of searching for their classes is extremely confusing. Going from a smaller middle school to a large high school is already a difficult task. Some even get lost and arrive late to their first period class.

If there was an emergency, such as a gunman on campus or a fire ravaging a certain building, first responders, such as paramedics, police officers, and firemen, will have a harder time finding the location of the emergency. When someone arrives from the south parking lot or main entrance, there is no point of reference for the way the buildings are organized.

The inconsistency of the letters is also unnecessary. A few buildings are labeled with two letters, while most are just one. In addition, some classrooms are arranged on one side of the building based on whether the number is odd or even. Some buildings completely forget about this odd-even sense of order and the classrooms are just in numerical order.

Changing the letters and numbers of each classroom and building is extremely inconvenient now, considering the changes in student and staff schedules that would inevitably ensue. At the same time, it is always better to make the experiences of those on campus easier and more efficient, even if it may be a little bothersome in the moment. It would make everyday navigation much less unnecessarily complicated.

Of course, there does not need to be major changes with the renaming of every building and classroom, as that would require an abundance of money and effort that the school should put into other more important aspects of student and staff welfare. We could start slowly by installing signs around campus that tell the passerby what buildings are in that area, especially because some buildings, such as the S-building, are tucked away in hard to see locations. There could be a large map of the entire campus and its facilities that includes a ‘you are here’ portion along the several entrances of the school. In addition, there could be a map of the school campus printed on the back of all incoming students’ schedules every year to reduce the amount of individuals who get lost on the first day and to help them whenever they need a reference. Though you can find a map in the office, not many people will go out of their way to get one. That is why the school should help us as much as possible with making campus navigation easier and more organized.

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