Lockdowns need to be taken more seriously

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A lockdown recently occurred on campus. Although it was revealed that no one was injured, the lockdown demonstrated the need for more cautious behavior during these situations.

Whenever a lockdown is happening, a bell will ring in a distinct pattern of one long bell for five seconds, a second of silence, and a short bell; this sequence is repeated five times. However, when the bell rang, it brought screams and shouts of excitement among students rather than silence.

At the moment, no one was aware of what caused the lockdown and whether it was life-threatening or not. Yet, everyone seemed to be functioning normally, if not, even louder than usual. Many students did not seem to react to the situation seriously, showing eagerness of not having to go to classes or doing work. Crowds of chattering became disruptive and apparent among other acts of rowdiness. Students treated the lockdown as an opportunity to act out.

When it was clarified that the lockdown was not a drill, everyone seemed to quiet down. However, students should have already assumed that all emergencies are legitimate and real. Even if the lockdown was a drill, it would still be an opportunity to prepare for such an event. Unless stated as a drill, everyone should react seriously and cautiously during lockdowns.

If everyone treated lockdowns with the assumption that they are insignificant drills, this can put them and their classmates in danger. Staying quiet can make the slightest difference during a life-threatening situation. If someone with the intention to harm approached a classroom that was silent, it may disinterest them and discourage them from that classroom. On the opposite hand, a loud classroom may attract attention.

Understandably, lockdowns can be quite lengthy, and students can certainly get restless within such a long time period. It can not be expected for them to stay hiding and mute for the entire expanse of the lockdown. Especially when nothing seems to be happening, it is reasonable that people begin to treat the lockdown as free time. However, it is only asked for all to simply take more caution and be more careful when faced with these situations; lockdowns should not immediately be associated with the idea of having time away from class.

Lockdowns happen with cause, and even if they are revealed as drills, they are still meant to protect and prepare students from possibly life-threatening situations. With this in mind, everyone should react to these situations while considering consequences. Students should immediately react to lockdowns appropriately, and until further notice, should treat these disasters seriously. Administrators and teachers can also help by educating students more thoroughly on proper lockdown protocol and try to keep their class under control during these situations. Lockdowns are not a chance for students to act recklessly.

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