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Music has grasped the interest of senior Oscar Nathaniel Marquez since the age of 10, when he acquired a skill in guitar-playing. Since then, music has stuck with him throughout the years as he branched out to learn how to play other instruments such as the piano, bass, and harmonica.

“I can play a mixture of genres such as metal, thrash, country, blues, jazz, pop, and so on,” Marquez said.

He says his family members play an influential role in his love of music and are ultimately his main supporters—as they are all also musically-involved.

“My dad got me my first guitar and my first bass,” Marquez said. “He was the one who taught me how to play bass. Everyone in my family can play at least one instrument.”

To Marquez, music provides a whole new meaning of entertainment and hobby in his life. Nevertheless, he says that there are challenges in his journey of pursuing music.

“At times, I did want to give up,” Marquez said. “But it was only because of one problem [which] was patience. I would stay in my room for hours just trying to perfect a technique or sound, and that would often agitate me or stress me out. Mastering technique is a hardship.”

Although playing a wide variety of instruments started at a young age for Marquez, singing has recently piqued his interest. Some of his biggest inspirations include Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, and Elvis Presley.

“I started singing about a year ago,” Marquez said. “Since my voice is rather deep, I target a more deep kind of tone. A genre that I focus on is jazz.”

Music is not only a hobby but a passion for Marquez as he hopes to pursue a career as a musician or any career related to music.

“I want to become a musician, [or] a guitar teacher,” Marquez said. “But becoming a musician is one of my top priorities [so] I can actually play with bands. The instrument that I would be handling most of the time would more than likely be a guitar.”

Marquez says that he is aware of the obstacles that he must overcome in order to be achieve his goal as a musician. Regardless of the barriers, he is still determined to turn his passion and hobby into a successful career.

“You just have to go [for] it,” Marquez said. “Becoming a musician is not easy. Look at all the great people. It’s hard to get your name out there.”

Moreover, Marquez believes music can evoke powerful emotions of people.

“The words an artist can say can really paint a beautiful canvas,” Marquez said. “Life without music would feel empty like a puzzle piece is missing. Music really moves people and can set one’s mood. For me, it makes me feel happy.”

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