Wrestling neck in neck against Aztecs

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At Mark Keppel (MK) High School, the Matador varsity wrestling team competed against the Aztecs on Jan. 17, with the boys in the end losing the game 27 to 30 and girls with 12 to 0.

San Gabriel (SG), fought fiercely for seven matches. Each round, SG cheered for their team, yelling out chants that rallied up the wrestlers. Every time a player was pinned to the maroon mats, the opposing team would scream out commands for their next move.

Before a match, the Matadors would always circle up, blocking the outside noise, and put their hands in, hyping themselves up. Their spirit lights up the player, giving them hope and energy.

With a new program like wrestling this year, their ability to go toe and toe against a school that has experience must have been tough, but with their determination, they managed.

“We’ve only been practicing for about three months and we’ve accomplished a lot,” Coach Adrian Guevara said. “We’ve improved a lot in those three months. So I think we’re making pretty good progress.”

Although the boys lost some of their rounds, the one game the girls had, was won. Senior Wendy Zamora was over taken by Mk at first, but she quickly bounced back and defeated her opponent.

I’m pretty excited because she looked like this girl that beat me like last week so I was kind of scared,” Zamora said. “To be honest, my technique hasn’t really gotten that much better, but I think I’ve been getting stronger because of practice.”

Although SG lost, both the Aztecs and Matadors were proud of the fight on how much they improved on and practiced leading up until now.

“The same way. We try to look at…always looking at ways to improve and to learn from our experience, whether we win or lose,” Coach Ernie Tom from MK said. “The winning of course is always good to have, but the  learning is what’s going to carry them into the future.”

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