Auditorium closes for inspection

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Due to a faulty fire curtain, the auditorium is currently not available for use. An inspection will further examine one of the motors that operates the fire curtain.

“There are regulations we adhere to. One of the major inspections that we have is our Annual Fire Inspection,” Assistant Principal of Business and Activities Diana Diaz-Ferguson said. “The auditorium is a part of that and was inspected by the fire department along with our classrooms and school facilities.”

Groups who scheduled to use the auditorium, such as Get Lit, had to move to a different location for the time being.

The Get Lit school competition, in previous years, took place in the auditorium, but because the auditorium is inaccessible, the competition will take place in the Multi-Purpose Room this year.

“Having it in the auditorium feels more natural and feels more like an event and show like the performance that it is,” Get Lit adviser Jordan Vogel said. “When it’s in the Arena or in the Multi-Purpose Room, it doesn’t quite have the same feel as when it’s in the auditorium or in the theatre.”

Right now, it is unclear when the auditorium will open up for use again.

“Once we complete the inspection process, we will have a better idea of what the repairs will involve and how long the process will take,” Diaz-Ferguson said.

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