Wing Ho takes flight, appointed as school board member

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Wing Ho was formally appointed to the Alhambra Board of Education at a special board meeting held at the AUSD office on Jan. 24. He replaced former school board member Adele Andrade-Stadler after she resigned due to being elected to a Alhambra City Council seat. Ho will serve Andrade-Stadler’s remaining two-year term.

As a first time school board member, Ho sees his appointment as opening a “new chapter” for both himself and the school board.

“It’s really an honor to serve on the board and as a parent,” Ho said. “[Serving is] another way to contribute to the community and [be a] role model to my children.”

During his two years on the school board, Ho said he wants to prioritize “creating a safe and comfortable learning environment for school.”

“To the student, they have to feel comfortable when it comes to school and enjoy the learning process,” Ho said, “and [teachers] have to feel comfortable and secure to teach what they know about and of course [have] creative thinking [and be] open minded.”

However, Ho said he does not plan on taking immediate action toward his goals. Instead, he wants to learn more about the current situation of the school district before moving forward.

“I think I’ll [be patient and] listen from different perspectives including students and community groups, and really trying to get a grasp of what is going on,” Ho said.

Working previously as an architect and for the Alhambra Planning Commission, Ho wants to apply his “professional background onto the school board” and help the district work toward their next chapter.

“I hope with my expertise, I can kind of bring everything to the table and really kind of mix it up and ask the right questions to the right people at the right time, so [the school board] can all come with a better resolution,” Ho said.

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