Safety team overlooks emergency plans, preparation

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The school has a safety team that consists of different faculty members and administrators who create plans in case of a natural disaster or emergency. This year, the committee has been formulating an after-school safety plan to ensure the safety of those that typically stay late.

“We feel like that [this] is a very important part,” Amy Wu, assistant principal of Student and Employee Welfare, said. “Just because the [school] day ends at three, our school is still very busy [after school].”  

In September, faculty and staff attended two incident trainings that the district’s Department of Student and Employee Welfare hosted in collaboration with the Alhambra Police Department and Alhambra Fire Department.

Most recently, the fire chief visited the school to do a walkthrough and to observe a fire drill, looking for areas needing improvement.

“I think we are very efficient in [the timing of] how quickly we were able to secure the location where the fire drill was affected and [finding] out if it was safe for students to go back,” Wu said.

The team maintains close communication with the fire department, especially because of the multitude of fires that have been going on.

“When they give us feedback regarding recent activities, we take [it] and then we would somehow incorporate it,” Wu said.

For other situations, the safety team has a system of emergency bells, evacuation routes, a supply of essential items, and a national emergency management system, which is a flowchart of things needed in case of a national emergency. In addition, the team has a school emergency plan and crisis response team that oversees every emergency and responds as needed to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

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