Individuals need to be more open about college options

Most of us have grown up listening to adults telling us that we are free to choose whatever college or schooling option we wish to attend as we all have different preferences and career goals dreams of a future career. Yet when college application season rolls in, adults suddenly have another outlook on where we should head to. Ironically, they encourage students to lean more towards universities rather than the smaller and less popular colleges.

Colleges in the UC (University of California) system like the University of Los Angeles and the University of New York are highly sought and applied to by students. They have the tendency to attract people due to their well-talked of campuses, state-of-the-art research facilities, and diverse experiences. Larger colleges possess a specific type of stigma to them: students and adults believing that quantity matters more than quality. According to a survey conducted by the World Rankings issued to 60,000 students, 16.1% believe that prestigious branding plays a role in viewing colleges as they automatically assume that this would lead to a better choice to pick from.

It is true that small colleges such as Pomona College and Scripps College will not be able to offer a wide range of academic choices and activities as much as larger colleges will have in store. However, compact educational environments tend to have a strong advising system that can greatly impact a student, pushing them further to learn about their studies and to better maintain communication with professors.

Community colleges can provide students some time to think about over major options and just like small colleges, the classes will be significantly smaller compared to that of a than that of a typical university. This would help you understand what you are studying more efficiently with help of the many opportunities that the college provides.

Counselors and adults add onto the pressure of choosing to go to a more well-known school than to attend one that might possibly benefit you more in terms of learning and interactiveness.

Students who want to pave their way towards a greater education for their future profession are faced with this mentality that only limits their resources. Although at the end of the day, it is up to the choice of the student in which environment will aid them the most in their pursuit for higher education as we all do not work in the same surroundings well.

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