Nguyen inspires others through creativity

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Before attending kindergarten, sophomore Kaylie Nguyen began drawing. She began this hobby to relieve her boredom, but now views art as a possible career path.

Nguyen adores the process of creating her art pieces which keeps her drawing to this day.

“[I enjoy the] creativity, because there’s no limit for creativity when drawing,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen believes that her style differentiates her from other artists. She mainly draws animals and humans in an anime style which she is comfortable with, but also enjoys experimenting outside her comfort zone.

“[I’ve] tried drawing combinations of animals that wouldn’t go together,” Nguyen said. “I’ve [drawn] a snake and a goat together, and it didn’t turn out that [well].”

Nguyen’s artworks, which are a large part of her identity, have become recognizable by many people, even by those who do not know her personally.

“[Art] made me who I am for a fact,” Nguyen said. “Most people know me by what I draw.”

Drawing mainly using markers, color pencils, and pens, Nguyen has been drawing constantly throughout her whole life.

“I draw for pretty much more than half the day,” Nguyen said. “I draw in school anywhere, everywhere, [and] anytime.”

Nguyen relies on Instagram to find inspiration. She does not look up to any artist in general, but follows those who draw humans and animals in an anime style.

“[Humans and animals in an anime style] are the two I really want to improve on,” Nguyen said. “I just really admire [Instagram artists’ techniques] and what they use.”

Nguyen posts her art on Facebook and Instagram under the username “Glacier Senpai.” With the intent to inspire others with her art and make a career from her passion, Nguyen continues to learn more about art and how to master it.

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